Items Shipped in 2017

If we shipped it all at once, it would clog the Thruway with tractor trailers. Because of the volume of work we do every year, we can effectively negotiate production and shipping on behalf of our clients.

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Different languages

Our network of translators make our materials accessible to people of all backgrounds and language levels. We help our clients determine appropriate dialects and literacy levels based on census data and on-the-ground research.

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We have clients from every state, as well as the District of Columbia and four U.S. territories. This geographic diversity makes us a perfect fit for clients undertaking national programs, and we can arrange production and delivery of a campaign to every part of the country. The only major territory we haven't sold to is Puerto Rico, so if you're based in Puerto Rico, we’d love to give you a discount in exchange for being able to say "every major U.S. territory" in our ad copy. (And if you decide to move to Bajo Nuevo Bank, Baker Island, Howland Island, or one of the other uninhabited U.S. territories, let us know!)

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We opened our first office in the old Union Tea Factory Building in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn. We've moved around the building a couple times, but we're still here. In 2015, we opened a second office in Nyack, New York, 30 miles up the Hudson River from NYC. Our Nyack office is in the heart of downtown, two doors away from the amazing 71-year-old Pickwick Bookstore.


Skypunch Creative's talented staff possess a wide range of skills, from illustration and design to marketing, research, and sales. We like to say that we are large enough to handle complex projects but small enough that our clients don't get lost in the organization.

Year of Incorporation

In 2001, the owners of the company started working on the projects that led to the incorporation of Skypunch Creative in 2005. After four years of working as consultants, they established Skypunch to provide their clients with all the resources necessary to complete projects at a higher level.